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To contact the Victorian based business please browse to www.geotestsouthern.com.au

For Queensland please contact:

Ph:    07 5440 5794

Fax:   07 5449 0453

Residential Soil Testing

GTS can undertake soil tests for new residential developments. These include a Site Classification to ensure the correct footings are designed and constructed or a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) for septic and wastewater treatment systems.

Geotechnical & Environmental Consulting Services

GTS has experienced personnel to conduct Geotechnical Investigations and offers professional geotechnical advice on residential and industrial/commercial developments through to large multi-million dollar infrastructure projects.
Environmental investigations include Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for subdivisions and new developments, contaminated site investigation and soil validation testing.
In addition, GTS operates drill rigs capable of undertaking the above mentioned investigations. We also have the services of a licensed driller and can therefore install groundwater monitoring wells.  Insitu testing of Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) and undisturbed thin wall tubes can also be conducted.

Concrete & Soil Testing

GTS operates NATA accredited facilities servicing Queensland. In addition, onsite testing facilities can be established for larger for larger projects. The testing services provided include, but are not limited to concrete sampling and testing for quality control and quality assurance, compaction control testing on earthworks and pavements, and material quality testing.